The Concept

Students of Hagley Theatre Company use a wide range of contemporary characters and situations in their regular classes but often these scripts are unsuitable for public performance (mainly due to a restricted cast size). Scene+ allows the students to showcase their everyday work by using character studies to present selected scenes as a complete season. These scenes are not connected but allow an audience to experience student skills and characters they may not otherwise see.


The Audience

Instead of being seated in a regular theatre setting a Scene+ audience is on the stage in a cafe/bar situation. Tables of 4 have access to a bar serving wine, beer and juice and all have a great view of raised platforms where the scenes are performed. Throughout the evening each table is provided with complimentary "tasters" provided by our School of Cuisine while our catering staff refresh drinks.

For those not wanting to sit through an entire play Scene+ is an ideal season to support - a range of students presenting scenes from a wide number of authors and genres.

The Plan

Scene+ seasons are staged each term and tables are limited so you are best to book early! Admission is $25 per person (plus the cost of your drinks) and remember that we now offer EFTPOS. So get your friends organised and make a booking to sample the talent at The Open Stage.

returning November 2017

Tickets are only $25 each

Book via email

WARNING: Performance contains Adult themes and language